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Treating Trauma with Somatic and Talk Therapy with Andrea Szasz

August 24, 2021

In Treating Trauma with Somatic & Talk Therapy, Psychotherapist Andrea Szasz from Brave Therapy talks about healing the split between somatic and talk therapy. She also talks about: 

  • What brought Andrea to this work?
  • What is attachment?
  • What are the attachment styles?
  • The secure base
  • Fight, flight and freeze
  • Why and how do we bring the body into the room?
  • Emotions, feelings and the body
  • Somatic Therapies: Somatic experiencing, Sensorimotor, Hakomi, Embodied Imagination
  • Trauma informed yoga
  • Emotional regulation
  • Somatic therapy versus talk therapy
  • Healing the split between somatic and talk therapy
  • Healing the split by Nelson
  • Master talk therapists, relationship and attunement
  • Pat Ogden, Bessel van der Kolk, Norman Doidge
  • Bad talk therapy doesn't work
  • Disconnection and connection
  • Psychotherapy wars / Kung Fu wars
  • EMDR and brainspotting
  • Long-term trauma therapy
  • University of Sydney Trauma Informed Psychotherapy
  • The Daring Way
  • Adult Attachment Interview

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